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I believe beauty is a journey into wholeness. At Hada, we want to take this journey with you.

How you feel within, is crucial to your sense of well-being and rejuvenation throughout the body. Holistic Facials and Massage are curated to your needs. Come find your peace with us…..

At Hada, I want to transport you to a deep feeling of peace. This Zen space by the ocean will quickly become your favourite place to find yourself again. Holistic facials with deep massage release techniques, nurturing full body massage experiences, and Spa packages, all booked exclusively by appointment, ensuring my undivided attention.

Products used to enhance the skin include Founders Formula, beautiful, Australian native botanical serums, oils and extracts.

I specialize in searching for, learning, and delivering the most effective, non invasive anti- aging protocols, for those that do not want the conventional, invasive options. I deeply believe there is so much more to offer with skincare treatments naturally, and I endeavour to deliver it to you in a gentle way, respective of the body and its innate wisdom to heal, when given the environment it craves, to do so. By respecting the healing cycle and working with it holistically, we achieve powerful results together. From my hands to your heart.
Shauna Sharples

Open: By Appointment, Tues-Sat 10am-4pm – book via our website

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