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Come and try the “Taste of France” at our local European complex.

With its Village vibe, live music, ample seating areas, and only a short walk from the beach, the Galleria is the perfect place for Mamigato to open their doors – a true European adventure.

Mamigato has a mission: Cook delicious “made from scratch” French goodies for Coasties and visitors to love and enjoy.
Their range will include their famous Beignets (French brioche donuts with a variety of delicious fillings) as well as Madeleines, Financiers, tarts and other French specialties.
All handmade with quality ingredients, just like grandma used to make!

The menu may change with the seasons and inspirations. There are lots of choices for kids and grown-ups, including ice cream, milkshakes and French drinks.

Come and experience the real: “Taste of France” with Mamigato at the Galleria Ettalong Beach.
Cecile & Luc

Open: Sat, Sun, Mon Pub Hols 9am-4pm for pick up and Friday for deliveries.